The Consilium Community

The Tapestry is Consilium’s Netweaving organization. The Tapestry will provide you with mentoring, marketing tools, additional courses, information that you can share with clients and colleagues and your community about the Consilium Process, and connection with other attorneys, financial advisors, and therapists in your region and around the country.

Consilium Practitioner Spotlight

Heidi Webb

With a dual background in family law and psychology, I developed the Consilium®️️️️️️ Process to help clients restructure their families and build paths of personal growth simultaneous with their divorce process. Realizing Consilum is a better process for lawyers and allied professionals, Judge Field and I created the Institute to teach the integrative process, and the Tapestry to build our community.

Julie Field

As a judge, I’ve spent my career searching for a better way. The unique approach of the Consilium®️️️️️️ Process, and the innovation of the Consilium®️️️️️️ Consultant, and the attendant shift in perspective to be solution-oriented, and future focused, is a better way. I retired from my judgeship to help found this extraordinary institute that will transform the way lawyers, judges, and allied professionals handle divorce cases in every court in the country.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to let us know more about you. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Consilium Institute! Please add to your Safe Sender contact list. Learn how to do so on our FAQs page.