You can learn to apply The Better Way and benefit you and your clients!

Over the course of an interactive virtual weekend, plus six additional hour-long sessions, you will become a Certified Consilium Informed Advisor. A Certified Consilium Informed Advisor can apply the Consilium Process tools to provide their clients with The Better Way To, and Through, Divorce.


Family law is about a family. A case is not a client. Divorce is but a moment in time. Become a Consilium Practitioner (Legal) and you will get hands-on tools you can use in every case. You will join a community of wise advisors. You will become expert in restructuring families to help them look to the future in a hopeful, positive way.


You work with humans who are struggling through a divorce. To best help them, you must understand a divorce case’s legal context. As a Consilium Practitioner (Mental Health) you will work with Consilium-trained attorneys and other professionals to create the future your clients need as they restructure their family after divorce.

Financial Professionals

People in a divorce case need a plan. But that plan works best when it is consistent with a person’s legal and psychological needs. As a Consilium Practitioner (Financial), you will join a client’s council of wise advisors to ensure a plan that works during and after the divorce.

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Your clients will thank you, and your practice will change for the better.

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Thank you for taking the time to let us know more about you. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Consilium Institute! Please add to your Safe Sender contact list. Learn how to do so on our FAQs page.