Julie Field

As a judge, I’ve spent my career searching for a better way. The unique approach of the Consilium® Process, and the innovation of the Consilium® Consultant, and the attendant shift in perspective to be solution-oriented, and future focused, is a better way. I retired from my judgeship to help found this extraordinary institute that will transform the way lawyers, judges, and allied professionals handle divorce cases in every court in the country.

Heidi Webb

With a dual background in family law and psychology, I developed the Consilium® Process to help clients restructure their families and build paths of personal growth simultaneous with their divorce process. Realizing Consilum is a better process for lawyers and allied professionals, Judge Field and I created the Institute to teach the integrative process, and the Tapestry to build our community.

Story Behind Consilium Institute

Sixteen years ago, family law attorney Heidi Webb asked herself a question that many involved in the divorce process ask: “isn’t there a better way to do this?”

Her question was prompted by the tragic death of the son of a former client, who had joined the Marines as a young adult; even after what had seemed like a successful divorce case for the family, that young man joined the Marines because he felt like he lacked a family. That tragic death caused Heidi to reassess everything about how attorneys, judges, and allied professionals handle divorce cases. Instead of asking that question rhetorically, Heidi researched different models and created the Consilium®️ Process. The Consilium Process incorporates internal family systems theory and business modeling to create an innovative approach to divorce cases.

Heidi has used the Consilium Process for sixteen years. She has found greater satisfaction from clients, and in her legal practice.

Consilium is a comprehensive, practical approach to family law which works within the existing legal structure to change how attorneys approach clients and cases. It will transform the outcomes for every one of your clients: restructuring their family rather than destroying it.

Consilium-trained practitioners learn techniques and tools which utilize internal family systems and family dynamics to address legal and practical issues, and work with clients to create a concrete future for families after divorce.

Consilium practitioners are not driven solely by divorce case procedures; they use specific tools to create a new family structure that is consistent with each unique family’s needs after the divorce.

Consilium practitioners are given proven tools and assistance in how to deal with the most challenging cases, such as domestic violence and challenging opposing counsel.

While good attorneys may have a general understanding of family dynamics, and may ask clients future planning questions some of the time, Consilium is a system with specific, hands-on tools to ensure that attorneys understand, obtain, and use this critical information in every case, both to address issues with the client and to help manage the opposing party and attorney.

Consilium’s greatest innovation is the Consilium Consultant, a specific, advanced role for select Certified Consilium Informed Advisors (Attorneys). The Consilium Consultant is a game-changer for the client and the divorce attorney on the case. Which of us wouldn’t want to have a consulting attorney who can see the 30,000 foot view and keep us out of the weeds in challenging cases? Or BE that consulting attorney and apply our hard-earned expertise in these cases to families?

Thank You

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