“Organizing Your Overwhelm” – Three Perspectives

On a personal level, it’s the overwhelm.  The sense that you are out of your depth. Airdropped into a land of chaos. With little to no direction about how to move forward. What a divorce process looks like depends upon who is looking.  For someone at the outset of that

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You Could Make This Place Beautiful

I recently listened to Maggie Smith read her latest book, You Could Make This Place Beautiful. I was moved by the magnificence of her poetic voice as she unraveled the pain of her divorce and after-marriage, during which she candidly acknowledged  “I don’t have access to the whole picture- only

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What is the Price of Peace of Mind?

Earlier this week I listened to Ezra Klein’s podcast interview of Marilynne Robinson, whom I’d never heard speak before. Initially, to my ear her voice sounded almost childlike, timid while also being sort of awestruck. Her ideas were firm and grounded, yet light and graceful.  I found her to be

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Believing is Seeing

I have a grandnephew turning three years old today.  Being born on Valentine’s Day seems special, but the “holiday-ness” of his birthday seems even more striking knowing that his father, my nephew Joey, is a “Leap Year baby”.  As I thought about this, I wondered whether Joey’s perspective on birthdays

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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

About a month ago, my youngest daughter asked me if I’d like to go away with her for a couple of days after Thanksgiving. Having had some challenging conversations and disagreements during the past few months, we both decided it would be a good opportunity to go somewhere and just

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Thank You

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