What is The Tapestry?

The Consilium® Institute is designed to enhance the work of individual attorneys, judges, financial advisors, and therapists who work with family law clients. The Consilium ® Process recognizes that to truly be The Better Way to and through divorce, professionals who work with divorcing clients are most helpful, creative, and effective when they seamlessly work together. In order to make that happen, the Consilium® Institute has launched The Tapestry, the exclusive membership arm of the Consilium® Institute, and the place where that community of Consilium trained attorneys, judges, financial advisors, and therapists comes together for connection, education, and support.

“When we started the Consilium® Institute, we knew that one of the critical pieces and greatest benefits of applying the Consilium Process in practice is through a community of like-minded professionals,” reports Consilium Institute Co-founder Heidi Webb. “We wanted a place where our community could network and connect. But, more than that, we wanted the community to be woven together into a whole. Our name The Tapestry, reflects our vision of a netweaving organization, where practitioners support one another and build on each other’s experience, knowledge, and insights.”

Consilium® Institute Co-founder Judge Julie Field concurs: “Heidi created the Consilium® Process as a systematic, strategic method for creating change in the lives of her divorcing clients. From the beginning, it was built upon connection with referrals to and from therapists, financial advisors, and like-minded family law attorneys. The vision of connection is integral to Consilium®, and that vision is the key impetus behind the creation of The Tapestry.”

In The Tapestry, Consilium trained attorneys, judges, therapists, and financial advisors will find community and connection. They can have their questions answered by their professional colleagues and receive one-on-one mentoring from Heidi and Julie. The Tapestry is Consilium’s hub for referrals and information, with members being spotlighted at each meeting to deepen one another’s knowledge of their practices. The Tapestry features Consilium tools and resources; marketing materials that professionals can adapt for their use; continuing education on current topics; and exclusive opportunities to learn how to take the next step and become a Consilium® Consultant.

Heidi summarizes The Tapestry vision and its critical connection to the Consilium® Process: “I know that I couldn’t have developed, let alone implemented, the Consilium® Process without the connections I created in my community. The Tapestry provides a ready platform to find and intertwine those connections on a local and national level. To make the most of the Consilium® Process training, attorneys and allied professionals need to make the most of their membership in The Tapestry. We will make it easy and fun for those connections to occur in this one-of-a-kind community. Julie and I are excited to launch The Tapestry and welcome you as together we weave strong, invigorated professional practices and healthy restructured families.”

The Consilium® Institute invites you to learn more about the Consilium® Process and The Tapestry. Click the registration link to make sure you get the latest information about upcoming Consilium trainings, and your opportunity to become a member of The Tapestry.

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