What is the Price of Peace of Mind?

Earlier this week I listened to Ezra Klein’s podcast interview of Marilynne Robinson, whom I’d never heard speak before. Initially, to my ear her voice sounded almost childlike, timid while also being sort of awestruck.

  • The more I listened to her, the more I was drawn in. 

Her ideas were firm and grounded, yet light and graceful.  I found her to be a great observer of humankind and was intrigued by her views on the intersection between people and religion, and how she wove them into her works of fiction and nonfiction.  

Of everything she said, I was most struck by words she said had been told to her by her high school English teacher. 

  • “You will have to live with your mind every day of your life so make sure you have a mind that you want to live with.”

Ms. Robinson went on to say that she didn’t think anyone had ever told her anything that had had a greater impact on her life. I love the message delivered in those words and was impressed that one sentence had become a guiding light in her life.

  • Words Matter.

When I speak with clients, I am mindful of my language and try hard to deliver more than facts.

Just today, a new client asked me what he could expect to receive after our initial interview. 

As a guide through thorny pastures, what is it that a family law attorney typically delivers?

What should they deliver?

Facts? A legal roadmap? A divorce strategy?

  • I told him after first meetings, clients often tell me they receive peace of mind.

It’s difficult to put a price on peace of mind.  It is deserving of preferential treatment. 

The rest will follow.

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