Consilium is the Better Way

The Consilium® Process is a revolutionary and proven approach to divorce cases and practice which restructures and rebuilds families rather than destroying them. The Consilium Institute was founded by Heidi Webb, the creator of the Consilium Process, and Judge Julie Field. As divorce law experts and experienced trainers, Julie and Heidi have applied the Consilium Process in their own work and now offer this innovative Process to lawyers and judges.


Attorneys often focus on the legal process and the immediate outcome over the emotional and long-term needs of their clients. Certified Consilium Informed Advisors (Attorneys) become skilled in understanding how to reverse engineer the divorce process, and to think outside of the traditionally solitary legal paradigm in each of their family law cases. Lawyers will contextualize and integrate family systems and learning organization theories to each case, and develop a long-term outcome with their client’s goals firmly in sight.


Through the Consilium Process, mental health professionals will learn about the legal and financial landscapes of divorce so that they will be better able to contextualize their clients’ legal and psychological experience throughout divorce and the restructuring of their families. Further, with their added knowledge base they will be able to partner with Certified Consilium Informed Advisors (Attorneys and Financial Advisors) as they will have fluency in those specific disciplines.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors often are asked to assist with divorce cases. The financial expertise that these advisors bring to the table is incredibly useful, but can be incomplete and lacking in needed context. Financial advisors trained in the Consilium Process will come to understand the legal psychological landscape so that they can contextualize their recommendations and analysis and thereby better meet the emotional and legal needs of their clients.

Dissolution to Evolution

Dissolution to Evolution is a book and a workbook, that describes and details the Consilium Process, developed to help people considering divorce to simultaneously create a parallel path of personal growth. The book highlights common scenarios, presents thoughtful options and constructs optimal outcomes. The workbook helps people structure and pre-think their process so that logic can prevail during a time fraught with high emotion.

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